The requirement for valuations

Both Public Sector Entities and major Private Sector Companies must comply with many regulatory demands for reporting the values of non-current assets. Directors have strict obligations to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of asset values reported.

AssetVal’s organisational structure is specifically designed to cater for large accounting compliance valuation projects.  Valuers are Fellows or Associates of the Australian Property Institute in both the property and plant and equipment divisions.  Our Management have delivered a number of discussion papers on valuation principles to  accounting and administration conferences.  With over 20 years experience in conducting accounting compliance projects, AssetVal has been regarded as at the forefront of applying suitable methodology so as to ensure compliant valuation outcomes.  In more than 1,800 Accounting Compliance projects, AssetVal is proud of its record of never having received an audit qualification.

We will assess the assets in relation to the following standards where appropriate:

AASB Accounting Standard
AASB13 Fair Value
AASB116 Property, Plant and Equipment
AASB136 Impairment
AASB5 Assets Held for Sale
AASB140 Investment Properties
AASB123 Borrowing Costs

AssetVal is able to provide clients with a complete valuation service by carrying out valuations for Financial Reporting and Insurance purposes simultaneously.