Government Sector

AssetVal is one of Australia’s largest service providers to the Public Sector in provision of non current asset valuation and related asset management services.

Local Government

Valuation and asset management advice on land, buildings, plant & equipment, roads, brigdes, drainage, water & sewage, heritage assets, collections and more.

With over 200 Local Government clients throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia, AssetVal currently values more local government assets than any other valuation firm in Australia.

State Government

Specialist panel appointee to Queensland,Victorian and Western Australian Governments for valuation of property, plant & equipment and infrastructure and has acted for State Governments in all states and territories.

Federal Government

AssetVal has a long history of working with Government Departments, Authorities and corporations for national valuation projects. Over 20 years history of valuation of assets as diverse as

  • Power generation and transmission
  • Airlines for South Pacific National carriers
  • Defence Force land and equipment
  • Air and marine navigation systems
  • Communication systems
  • Government owned corporations
  • Sea ports
  • Airports
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Commodities

Preferred Supplier Contracts

Various States have established preferred supplier arrangements through the pre-qualification of suppliers that can, through a rigorous selection process, evidence the requisite skills, track record and financial viability to provide quality and cost effective services to the public sector. These contracts enable both state and local government entities to access these preferred suppliers to streamline the tender process and allow the short listing of suppliers that have proven themselves within the chosen field. AssetVal can be contracted through any the contracts listed below or directly to us.

Queensland Local Buy Contracts

AssetVal is pre-qualified as a preferred supplier under:

“BUS 143-0607 Planning and Design – Surveying and Valuation Services” and

“BUS219-0811 – Asset Management Consultancy Services”

New South Wales Local Government Procurement Contract

AssetVal is pre-qualified as a preferred supplier under: “Professional Consulting Services (Engineering, Planning, Environment, Community & Assets) (LGP1208-2)”

Western Australia Local Government Association Preferred Supplier Contract

AssetVal is pre-qualified as a preferred supplier under:  “Asset Management (C019_12)”

Victorian Valuer General

The VGV has established a Valuation Services Panel for the pre-qualification of valuers contracting to State and Local Government. AssetVal has been a panellist for over 8 years and all contracts under this panel must be enacted through the VGV.