From Rushton to AssetVal (1839-Present)

AssetVal has a 175 year long valuation history. We understand that each client’s business is different. We have a team with extensive valuation experience in property, plant, equipment and infrastructure who understand the operation of these assets and what they are worth to your enterprise.

AssetVal Pty Ltd was originally known as Rushton and started in the UK as an Insurance Valuation Practice in 1839. The history of Rushton in Australia started in 1974 when Brian Rushton took his family business and started up an office in Sydney which he then expanded to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Johannesburg and Durban. In line with a refocus of our core business to Asset Valuation, the firm undertook a name change initially to Rushton AssetVal in 2005, then to just AssetVal in 2009. So whilst the name is comparatively young, it has actually been 170 years in the making!

In 2016, AssetVal was acquired by Jardine Lloyd Thompson which now forms part of Marsh & McLennan Companies(MMC), the world’s leading providers of insurance, reinsurance, employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services. MMC is quoted on the New York Stock Exchange and owns offices in 40 territories with more than 80,000 employees. Together with MMC, AssetVal is now operating globally as a specialist valuer for both insurance and financial reporting.


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